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LKemE NuYu Weight Management Solution


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LKemE NuYu 60 Pack (1-2 Months Supply)

NuYu has been created after many years of research into optimal fat-loss formulations.

NuYu combines the best ingredients to effectively burn body-fat and increase lean muscle mass in a safe and effective product, even for those with a sedentary lifestyle or pre-existing medical condition.

Calcium Pyruvate has been conclusively proven to burn body fat and increase lean muscle mass in several medical studies, even for those with a sedentary lifestyle. For optimal results use with a low sugar, low gluten and regulated calorie diet and exercise at least 1 hour per day.

Remember to remain hydrated - drink iced water wherever possible as your body must increase your core body temperature and therefore increase your metabolism to compensate for the coolness of the water burning even more calories.



Each 500mg capsule contains
Bitter Orange
Calcium Pyruvate
Chromium Polynicotate

60 Pack

"I had to lose about 8kgs in two weeks for a friends wedding (I was bridesmaid and had gained a bit of weight since the dress was made). Not only did I lose 9kgs in two weeks but I had to have the dress taken in! The weight I lost on NuYuâ„¢ I have kept off for the past six months, never before have I tried anything that works quite like this!"

Christchurch, New Zealand


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